At Tactical Specialties, Todd Burke will teach you everything you need to be prepared to face the challenges of our modern world.

AR101: AR-15 / M4 Rifle Training

Cost: $150

Class Dates

  • December 12, 2020 (0800-1600)
  • July 17, 2021 (0800-1600)

This course is for any person who has an AR platform rifle and wants to learn how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot it. Our course is quite comprehensive and a great opportunity to work with experienced coaches and rifle-drivers who will answer your questions and concerns. The class is designed for novices; veterans will gain useful skills and are welcome.

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CCW1: Concealed Firearm Training Course

Cost: $100

Class Dates

This program will qualify you to obtain your endorsement for carrying a concealed firearm according to Missouri State Statute. We are credentialed operators and instructors who have significant experience in firearms training and we enjoy helping others learn!

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CCW-2 Principles of Personal Defense

Cost: $175

Class Dates

This program is designed for those who have completed a CCW-1 course or for the person who already possesses sound firearms handling and safety fundamentals. This dynamic and skill-oriented class addresses the realities of combat and the skills necessary to effectively fight and defend yourself with a firearm. We use a building-block approach to ensure that participants learn safe, proven, and tactically sound methods of handling and manipulating their firearm, and they are comfortable with how their firearm operates. We ensure that this occurs through repetitive drilling with constant positive and constructive feedback.

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CCW-3: Prevailing In Low Light

Cost: $175

Course Dates:

PREREQUISITE: CCW-2: Principles of Personal Defense. We begin in the early afternoon and work well into the evening in order to take advantage of the natural low light environment. Since the majority of firearms encounters occur in the low light environment we will prepare for, and drill in, that arena! Our program is dynamic and skill intensive. We will address the realities of combat and how to fight with a firearm in the low light environment where, according to the U.S. Justice Department, most gunfights occur.

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Low Light Pistol Skills

Cost: $100

Course Dates:

This is a pure skills course with no ammunition requirement. This includes ambient natural and artificial light as well as the use of illumination tools.

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Practical Pistol Skills

Cost: $100

Course Dates:

Focus on motor skills and equipment familiarity you need to prevail when carrying a pistol for self defense.

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The Tactical EMS School: Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification

Cost: $ 1,750.00 (Enroll before June 1st and receive a $250 discount!)

September 26 – October 1, 2021

The Tactical EMS School is a 70+ hour training camp designed for the operator who will oversee or directly deliver emergency medical care for a team or organization. Skills, drills, case studies and operational exercises are based heavily upon the current Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) model with an emphasis on prevention, preparedness, occupational medicine, improvisational ability, and a penchant for functioning as an effective team member. Our educational content is approved by CoTECC and the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification recognizes our program for the recertification of tactical medics. Our course is valid for the novice and veteran alike, from first responder to emergency physician, as everyone has a role to play in every circumstance. Our program is residency-based with lodging and meals provided since most days run longer than 10 hours. We have offered this continually-evolving course annually since 1987.  Come and join us for what many have called the training experience of a lifetime!

More About the Tactical EMS School
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Tactical Rifle Camp

Cost: $350

Course Dates:

This two‐day camp will help you build skills, tactics, and the ability to communicate and problem solve under duress. This is not a beginner’s course. You should be able to safely manage your equipment in a controlled manner while on the firing line with others and you must have a conscientious command of safety skills. This training involves moderate physical activity so participants should be in good cardiovascular health. Drills include walking forward, backward, and laterally with a firearm indexed in the “up” position for short periods of time. Participants with orthopedic issues will not be required to kneel. Operators will benefit from our excellent coach‐to‐student ratio and a wide array of skills, drills and scenarios geared for real‐world.

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Tactical Rifle

Cost: $175

Course Dates:

8 Hour Training. Properly deployed the semiautomatic, box magazine fed rifle is an incredibly versatile and effective tool at distances from several feet to several hundred yards. This program emphasizes competency with your rifle and gear, sound tactics and techniques, and marksmanship skills.

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Tactical Shotgun

Cost: $175

Course Dates:

8 Hour Training. According to the National Institute of Justice, 91% of the gunfights occur at 20 feet or less. Properly deployed, the shotgun reigns supreme! We will help you develop competency with this often misunderstood and under-utilized tool through sound tactics and techniques. We will teach you how to prepare, deploy, and prevail with your shotgun!

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Crisis Casualty  Care

Cost: $150

Course Dates:

Improve your skills in learning how to assess and immediately manage common life‐threats and traumatic injuries.

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Civilian Firearm Training

Police Firearm Training

Tactical EMS School

“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”



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