Low Light Pistol Skills


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ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.  There is no prerequisite for this training.


This is a pure skills course with no ammunition requirement.  According to the National Institute of Justice, the majority of gunfights take place in low or diminished lighting conditions.  This includes ambient natural and artificial light as well as the use of illumination tools.  There are specific principles for how to operate in diminished light that drives correct tactics and motor skills which are NOT intuitive; they must be learned and practiced.  There is more to prevailing in a low light encounter than holding a pistol in one hand and a flashlight in the other!

This 4-hour indoor course is a perfect precursor or companion/review course to our fall live-fire range course CCW3: Prevailing In Low Light.  This is also a budget-friendly way to practice motor skills in a real-world setting such as a church, community center, or school since there is no live-fire range component and ammunition is not required.


None.  All skill and experience levels are welcome.

Course Content

  • The 8 Principles of Fighting in Low Light
  • Light as a Force Option and Communication Tool
  • How to Use a High-Intensity Light Properly
  • Angles and Corners – Tactical Geometry
  • Correct Use of Cover – Corners, Doorways, Stairways, and Halls
  • Controlling Your Movements in the Dark
  • Equipment Manipulation

We will assist the operator in learning and reinforcing critical real-world skills that include being able to:

  • Draw and manipulate a pistol and flashlight at the same time
  • Move in the dark and understand when to use light and when to leave the light off
  • Select from several different flashlight techniques that work for your particular physical abilities
  • Perform reloading, stoppage, and malfunction drills with a firearm and flashlight in hand
  • Perform verbal challenges and how to hold someone at gunpoint
  • Operate under stress and maintain self-control in a dark environment

Equipment Required

This is what you need to bring with you to class:

  • Minimum of 3 magazines for pistol (no ammunition required)
  • Holster worn IWB or OWB on belt/waistline
  • Jacket, hoodie, or heavy shirt to work from concealment
  • High-intensity flashlight with tailcap switch (side buttons are a handicap)
  • Clear lens eye protection
  • Knee pads and hydration source
  • Positive mindset & willingness to learn!

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March 2, 2024 (0800-1200)

6 reviews for Low Light Pistol Skills

  1. Don McGee

    Excellent class in a secure environment. No ammo. Tactical decision making. Strong use of different methods using flashlight.
    Definitely recommend!!

  2. Nate Stephens

    Awesome class very informative. Learned a lot of valuable information and skills

  3. Thomas Proctor

    Todd and his coaches will show you how to keep yourself and your family safe using different flashlight methods. I have taken his class several times and every time I learn something new. Everything these guys will teach you is out of love and many years of experience. Definitely recommend taking this class.

  4. Charisse Bauer

    Took medical class from Todd 10 years ago. Using these techniques to date.
    Signed up for Low-light Pistol course to incorporate tactical lighting skills into EMS work.
    Todd & team combine this with thought-out, practical & dynamic pistol skills.
    Incredibly fair price for the insight, motor training & individualized coaching in class.
    Can’t wait for CCW1 with these guys!

  5. David Ryakhmyatullov

    This class exceeded my expectations and really allowed me to practice my skills and make me think with my hands. Highly recommend this class to all.

  6. charlie lawson

    This was my second time taking the class. I was happy to see the changes and the one-on-one for each student . It was like taking a completely different class . I love your coaches! They teach each person according to their abilities and skill level. I have some difficulty moving but they showed me how to work within my abilities. I believe I am a better sheepdog after every class with Todd and his coaches! Thank you very much!

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