Tactical Rifle


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We will teach you proven and effective tactics for how to fight with a rifle!

8 Hour Training

Properly deployed the semiautomatic, box magazine fed rifle is an incredibly versatile and effective tool at distances from several feet to several hundred yards. This program emphasizes competency with your rifle and gear, sound tactics and techniques, and marksmanship skills.

Course Content

  • Loading, Unloading, and Reloading
  • Sighting and Sight Picture
  • Fighting Platforms
  • Target Acquisition – “Snapping In”
  • Cover & Cornering
  • Shooting On the Move
  • Engaging Multiple Threats
  • Personal Safety and Survival
  • CQB (Close Quarters Battle)
  • Bilateral Shooting Techniques

Equipment Needed

  • Semiautomatic rifle with a minimum of 500 rounds ammunition
  • Rifle MUST HAVE a sling permitting a muzzle-down, front body carry.
  • Example: http://www.blackhawk.com/product1.asp?P=70GS05 (“Soldier carry” slings over one shoulder are not acceptable)
  • Minimum of 3 magazines with a 20-round or greater capacity
  • Safety glasses, hearing protection, cap with brim, knee pads
  • Comfortable clothing and foot wear suitable for training outdoors.

Fitness, Mobility, and Physical Activity

Participants should be in good physical condition and capable of moderate physical activity. The ability to fire from the kneeling position (knee pads required) will be addressed. Enrollees should be able to move (walk) forward, backward, left and right with the rifle in a shouldered position for short periods of time. Our curriculum involves repetitive drilling with the rifle from a combat-ready firing position so reasonable upper body strength is required. You need not be an athlete to participate, but note that those who are significantly overweight, nicotine dependent, or in poor aerobic health will have difficulty mastering the concepts presented.



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