Tactical EMS School Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification Paramedic Emergency Medical by Tactical Specialties and Todd Burke in Columbia MO

The Tactical EMS School

Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification

September 22-27, 2024 at Camp Ripley, MN

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Tactical Paramedic Logo Tactical EMS School Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification Emergency Medical by Tactical Specialties and Todd Burke in Columbia MOHello! Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves…

We are current and active members of the tactical arena as well as students and practitioners of Tactical EMS. Like you, we learn what works and what does not through good faith trial and error and communicating with our peers. We use the term “training cadre” to describe ourselves and we do this with the utmost humility and respect. As a diverse group of professionals from all over the United States, we share simple but very strong cultural beliefs and values. Here are some things we have learned and truths we openly declare:

  • Our role as leaders, teachers, trainers and coaches is a privilege that we treat as a legacy.
  • We honor our mentors by mentoring others. We share our gifts and talents in good faith just as they were bequeathed to us. Honor, character, and integrity are values that must be modeled, upheld, and preserved.
  • Through preplanning, education, modeling behavior and “doing the right thing” we have the opportunity to serve our fellow man in a noble way -preventing harm.
  • Don’t sacrifice a relationship to achieve an outcome. We leave politics, ego, and self-aggrandizement behind.
  • If we don’t know…we say so! Self-proclaimed experts and self-indulging arrogance get good people killed.
  • Teamwork is our demonstrated behavior, not a political buzzword.
  • We are more interested in building an inclusive team than an exclusive club.
  • Share. Why try to reinvent the wheel? (But purposeful change for a better result is good!)
  • Positive energy feeds, negative energy drains.
  • When it is time for battle, fight fiercely and intelligently. The rest of the time…be nice!

The Tactical EMS School: Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification

Course Fee: $1,950

Sunday, September 22, 2024 at 09:00

The Tactical EMS School is a 70+ hour training camp designed for the operator who will oversee or directly deliver emergency medical care for a team or organization. Skills, drills, case studies and operational exercises are based heavily upon the current Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) model with an emphasis on prevention, preparedness, occupational medicine, improvisational ability, and a penchant for functioning as an effective team member. Our educational content is approved by CoTECC and the International
Board for Specialty Certifications (IBSC) recognizes our program for the recertification of tactical medics. Our course is valid for the novice and veteran alike, from first responder to emergency physician, as everyone has a role to play in every circumstance. Our program is residency-based with lodging and meals provided since most days run for 12 hours. We have offered this continually-evolving course annually since 1987.

Application: Download the 2024 TEMS Application Form (PDF)

Application: Download the 2024 TEMS Application Form (DOC)

Equipment List: Download the Participant Equipment List (PDF)

Begin: Sunday, September 22, 2024 at 09:00

End: Friday, September 27, 2024 at 16:00

Director: Todd Burke

Location: Camp Ripley
15000 Minnesota 115
Little Falls, MN 56345

2024 marks our 37th year of delivering realistic and valid training for tactical medical operators. The Tactical EMS School is a comprehensive and direct approach designed to give the operator what they want and need in a realistic and professional environment while training-in-context!

Clamp Femoral Artery Bleeding at Tactical EMS School Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification Paramedic Emergency Medical by Tactical Specialties and Todd Burke in Columbia MO
Team Runs Gas Mask at Tactical EMS School Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification Paramedic Emergency Medical by Tactical Specialties and Todd Burke in Columbia MO
Intubation Gas Mask at Tactical EMS School Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification Paramedic Emergency Medical by Tactical Specialties and Todd Burke in Columbia MO

Mornings begin before breakfast with injury prevention and team initiatives. Our curriculum is predominantly practical with many operational exercises including full mission profiles. The course fee of $1,950 includes lodging and meals. This program is appropriate for all disciplines/levels of training from first responder to emergency physician. Participants receive approx. 70 CME’s. We are a registered and approved training entity with a national cadre of coaches. Join us for the experience of a lifetime!

Tactical Concepts

Casualty Collection Points
Environmental Issues
Operational Preplanning
Cover and Concealment
Less Lethal Munitions
Active Shooter Deployment
Low Light Engagements

Medical Concepts

Preventive Care
Care Under Fire
Airway Management
Hemorrhage Control
Preplanning and Triage
K9 Medical and Trauma

Practical Exercises

Small Team Movement
Extrication and Rescue
Proper Patient Packaging
Tactical Trauma Life Support
Extended Field Care
Immediate Action Drills
Managing K9 Emergencies

Prerequisites for Enrollment and Participation

Our training, exercises, and scenarios are based upon the most current version of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC). These are skill-competencies and not certifications or licenses. As such, a level of licensure such as EMT, paramedic, physician, etc. is not required. Previous experience at the level of EMT-basic is recommended and very useful. Over the past 37 years, we have had a wide variety of first responders from military and civilian sectors, school nurses and coaches, police/fire/EMS agencies, corrections SORT teams, church life safety ministries, and others gainfully participate in this training. It is not a requirement that you be a current member of a tactical team or emergency services agency. We do require a letter of reference for all participants to be turned in with their application.

[Above: A team from our 2005 program enjoys solving a problem together in the pre-dawn light of Minnesota. We get up at 0600 for stretching, team initiatives, and to take advantage of a time when many are still sleeping! When we have breakfast together at 0700, we are not “waking up,” we are already AWAKE having successfully executed a mission or performed team initiatives together!]

Physical and Mental Preparedness – Being “Fit For Duty”

You need not be a power-lifter or a marathoner to participate, but we do ask that you exercise the highest degree of maturity and professionalism in this matter and come to class prepared – you should be “fit for duty.” The physical initiatives and tactical training we provide are not intended to be a “boot camp” or to make you fit for duty. Participants should come to camp already fit so they will benefit most from the training and also serve as an asset to their team. The tactical environment is physically demanding and mentally stressful. You must be physically and mentally fit to be an effective tactical EMS operator. Those who are currently participating in some type of aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes 5 times weekly are likely to be well-prepared for this class. If you are obese, inactive, chemically or nicotine dependent, or if you have a negative, cynical, or defeatist mindset this course is not for you.

We offer the following guidelines so that you may evaluate yourself. You should be able to:

  • Travel 1 mile on foot in under 10 minutes (aerobic stamina);
  • Perform 10 straight-back push-ups (upper body strength);
  • Perform 10 bent-knee sit-ups (core strength);
  • Perform 3 pull-ups; be able to pull yourself up and over a wall (ability to self-rescue).

Preplanning: Personal Dietary Requirements and Nutrition

As part of your application, we will ask for you to list medications, allergies, physical injuries and special dietary needs. It is the same 3-page form used by FEMA USAR teams. These are confidential and important pieces of information that we use in operational pre-planning just as you should with your own team. This medical information will help us advocate for you if you become ill or if you need to be taken to a medical facility. This information is used only in case of emergency during our week of training and it is treated as proprietary and confidential.

We take nutrition and hydration seriously. Since 1993, all of our meals during The School have been professionally catered. Good food is important in health, performance, and maintaining positive morale. Meals must be a part of a thoughtful tactical preplan. If you have special dietary needs we ask for your input in advance on your application form so that we can try to accommodate you.

Your course fee includes lodging and meals during the program, and every day your 3 squares are prepared professionally. Keeping our team together during mealtimes is a morale builder and it is one of the many positive attributes of our training style and curriculum that participants and cadre members appreciate. It’s a great time to better get to know one another!

Register now and accept the challenge! Take this opportunity to work and train with motivated peers and learn new and exciting skills and drills. Why? Because we’re a team!

Physical Assess on Ground Triage at Tactical EMS School Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification Paramedic Emergency Medical by Tactical Specialties and Todd Burke in Columbia MO
Entry Team Rifle Up at Tactical EMS School Essentials for Tactical Medic Certification Paramedic Emergency Medical by Tactical Specialties and Todd Burke in Columbia MO

Accreditation and Certification

  • The Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care has designated our program as providing “approved educational content” since 2014.
  • Approved by the International Board for Specialty Certifications (IBSC) since 2015.  The Tactical EMS School meets all criteria by the IBSC for renewal as a Tactical Paramedic or Tactical Responder.
  • Accredited by Police Officers Standards and Training Commissions (POST) in Missouri and Minnesota.
  • Approved for continuing medical education units by the Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medical Services since 2005

Registration / Refund Policy

Only complete applications will be accepted. Applications may be accepted in advance of payment but this does not guarantee your place in class. Your place in the course can only be secured through payment by check or money order. We do not accept credit cards. When your complete application with payment is received you will receive a confirmation letter and a statement that your place in class is assured.

Cancellations and Refunds: Cancellations received in writing 30 or more days in advance of course start will receive a refund. No refunds are given for cancellations received less than 30 days in advance or for no shows. In the event a registrant needs to withdraw, a substitution of similarly qualified and vetted personnel may be allowed after consultation with the program director. All forms and registration materials must be completed before this will be considered.

Cell Phone / Apple Watch / Electronic Devices Policy

While participating in this training, all students will turn off and secure their personal electronic and communication devices while training is being conducted.  “Secure” means left in the sleeping quarters or put away in your pack when we go to the field.  Electronic devices will not be carried on the belt or in clothing pockets.  It is not acceptable to access phones to check messages or e-mail during breaks.  This communication disconnect could be in effect for 8-12 hours at a time.  When we stand down at the end of our training day you are welcome to use your phones again until we begin training the next morning.

During orientation on the first day of training, we will give participants the phone numbers of key faculty members and Camp Ripley Base Security so that contact with participants from off-base can be made in an emergency.  If you are not able to abide by this guideline do not enroll in this training program.

Participant Pre-Course Reading Materials

The documents in this file are optional suggested reading materials provided as a courtesy.  Previous students have asked what they could review to help them better prepare for our training and working in this field.  While there is no single text we suggest, our medical director and curriculum review committee have put together a list of valid and timely journal articles, separated by topic, that can help.  Regardless of your background, licensure or level of training, we offer this for your information.