Civilian Firearms Training by Todd Burke through Tactical Specialties in Columbia MOHello – my name is Todd Burke. I am a Missouri native and I have been an emergency services operator and trainer for over 25 years. My father introduced me to firearms at age 8 and I began shooting competitively at age 14.

As a father, husband, police officer, firefighter, paramedic, educator, and citizen I enjoy offering training opportunities to conscientious and responsible folks who would like to learn more about the martial art of firearms.

Developing proficiency and skill with a firearm can be an incredibly positive and empowering experience. Allow me and my peers to prove this to you personally. Most courses are 8 hours and held on a weekend.

“When it is time for battle fight fiercely and intelligently. The rest of the time, be nice!”

Civilian Firearms Training Classes

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“When seconds count and you have minutes to wait, a gun in your trained hand is better than a cop on the phone!”


Courses and dates are listed under Upcoming classes. You may register for a class by sending us an e-mail with the following information:

  1. Your legal name including middle initial;
  2. Your mailing address;
  3. Home and cell phone numbers;
  4. Date of birth;
  5. Preferred e-mail address;
  6. Make, model, and caliber of the revolver or semiautomatic pistol that you will be training with.
  7. Please tell us how you discovered our training.
  8. When we receive your request for information on enrollment we generally respond within 24 hours.

TRAINING WITH US (Prerequisites):

Our CCW courses (pistol) are offered incrementally. We use a building block approach in training skill sets for safety and in order to best support your learning experience. CCW1 is the course required to gain your legal endorsement for carrying a concealable firearm and it is also the “starting blocks” for the person who has minimal experience with a pistol. If you have completed CCW1 or its equivalent, you may enroll in CCW2. CCW2 is a prerequisite for CCW3, etc. There are no prerequisites for Tactical Shotgun, Tactical Rifle, or Pepper Spray.


We train regardless of weather conditions. We cancel or postpone training only if conditions are unsafe or become unsuitable for training. This determination is made by the lead instructor and the safety officer of the course.