Personal Items and Tactical Equipment

You only need to bring your personal gear and clothing. You do not need your own tactical equipment. We will provide you with the necessary team equipment you and your team will need during our week together. If you do have tactical kits, med packs, information from other TEMS programs you have attended or other “neat stuff” we encourage you to bring it because we have set aside time on the first day for show-and-tell. This is one of the ways that we network and learn, and keep from reinventing the wheel.

Personal Equipment

  • Utility uniform – pants and shirt/blouse. Surplus military BDU’s, 5.11’s, flight suit, etc.  No blue jeans as utility pants.
  • Athletic wear for morning PT to include a warm layer such as a sweatshirt or thermal pullover.
  • Athletic shoes and plenty of socks and underwear (blister prevention and foot care are benchmarks in our business!)
  • Balaclava or hood in a subdued or earth-tone color
  • Casual wear – bring one old set of clothes, jeans and a long sleeve shirt that can be cut/stained, and sweatshirt or jacket that can be soiled) for use in one of the field exercises where you will be moulaged to act as a role-player.
  • Jacket and additional under-layers, Under Armor, or polypro for moisture wicking and warmth.
  • Subdued head cover such as ball cap or boonie hat
  • Full rain gear – we recommend a parka and pants or bibs, not a poncho that limits your mobility
  • Personal hygiene items, prescription meds, glasses (with lanyard) if you wear contact lenses
  • Shower towel and shower shoes, and a small hand towel is useful for the field.
  • Sleeping bag or bedding and pillow. (Single bunk with mattress provided.  If you are packing conservatively, you may be able to purchase bedding items at the Wal Mart in Little Falls, which is 15 minutes from Camp Ripley, phone 320-632-9268.  You may have access to Wal Mart on Sunday afternoon, the first day.)
  • Flashlight with holster and/or lanyard and a colored lens or filter (red, green, or blue does not matter)
  • Sunglasses and clear lens glasses or goggles (with lanyard or retention strap!) for night events
  • Covered pocket notebook and pencil or pen
  • Pocketknife, Leatherman tool, or SOG tool
  • A few clothes hangers may be convenient, there is large standing locker next to each bunk for your use.
  • A medium-sized backpack or rucksack / load bearing equipment such as an ALICE pack, Camelbak® BFM, etc. You will need to take a few items to the field (you do not need a jumbo-sized pack for the field, a day-sized pack will do):
    • Safety equipment as listed above, an extra shirt or jacket, and a spare pair of socks
    • Hydration source – bladder, bottle, your choice
    • A medium dump pouch like the Maxpedition Rollypoly 0208 has proven very useful to past classes
  • A “blue gun” or completely INERT simulation pistol and holster are useful.