While this course focuses on partners deploying with handguns, the tactics and principles we teach apply to all weapon systems, skill levels, and environments. Partners must be proficient with muzzle discipline and the ability to purposefully move together.

Topics and Content

  • Effective Communication and Decision Making
  • Contact an Cover
  • Moving as a Pair
  • Tactical Geometry
  • Shared Cover: How Two Occupy One Space
  • Coordinated Movement
  • Muzzle Discipline
  • Partner Down Response


Equipment Needed

  • Dependable pistol with 4 magazines and 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Secure and rigid holster worn on dominant hip.
  • Eye/Ear protection, knee pads, ball cap, jacket or vest, hydration source such as canteen or camelback.
  • Method for carrying spare magazines.


Both partners must have successfully completed or CCW2 course first and you must enroll with a partner.