This training focuses on proven physical countermeasures and empty-hand combatives
when other tools or weapons are not appropriate or available.  Many techniques are
martial arts based and taught to law enforcement officers.  We will also train how to
properly deploy pepper spray, an unregulated item that is legal to purchase and
possess in Missouri.  We will also give an overview of the baton and the Taser.  This
course is particularly useful for women, students, and those who work in a restricted
environment without access to a firearm.  Strength can be an advantage in a violent
encounter, so we teach techniques that allow smaller individuals and those who lack
physical strength to overcome larger and stronger adversaries.

Topics and Content

  • Legal and Justifiable Use of Force
  • Situational Awareness
  • How Attackers Select Victims
  • Defeating Larger Attackers
  • Pressure Point Controls
  • Disengaging from Chokes & Holds
  • Strikes, Kicks, and Releases
  • Pepper Spray, Batons, and Tasers

Skills and Drills

• Breath control, mindset, and awareness: all critical tools for prevailing in a fight
• Strikes and disengagement countermeasures using your elbows and knees
• Non self-injurious ways to effectively deliver punches and kicks
• The use of pressure points for control, disengagement, and stunning
• Defense and release from chokes/strangles while standing and on the ground
• Drills on impact and strike bags (this is empowering and fun!)

Fitness and Physical Activity

Participants should be in good general health and prepared for mild to moderate
physical activity. Stretching and range of motion exercises will occur prior to drills.
No one will be required to perform any task or technique beyond their means or
ability. Special needs can be accommodated.