Defending Your Home – Intruder Response


We will address the dangers and dynamics of a home invasion and introduce you to various strategies for preparing your home and your family. Skillful methods for “hardening the target” will be presented.


In recent years the threat of criminals invading your home has increased in all parts
of the country and at any time of the day or night.  There is no neighborhood that is
immune from this problem.  It is our belief
that police and the emergency services are “second” responders.  YOU are the
FIRST RESPONDER and you should train and prepare yourself appropriately.

Note: this is not a firearms training course but firearms will be discussed.

CCW holders are encouraged to come but firearms will not be handled in class for obvious
safety reasons.


We will address the following subjects in detail:

  • Assessment, Preplanning and Preparation – Dont Live in Fear
  • Tactical, Legal and Medical Preparation
  • RSMo. Chapter 563: The Lawful Use of Force and The Castle Doctrine
  • Hardening the Target and Physical Security
  • Creating and Implementing a Home Invasion Plan
  • Creating a “Safe Room”
  • Contents of an Emergency Kit
  • Practicing Intruder Drills with your Family
  • Tools, Tactics, and Strategies
  • You are the First Responder, Police are the “Second Responders”

What You Need

  • An open mind, a positive attitude, and a pen
  • A photograph of important people in your life. (framed or unframed)



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