Precision Rifle


In the hands of a properly trained operator, the precision rifle is capable of surgical precision at distances beyond 400 yards. Whether you are a tactical operator or a sportsman wanting to take your hunting skills to the next level, this class will teach you how to prepare, deploy, and operate a precision rifle topped with quality glass (optics).


Come and learn why and how the rifle can be such a powerful and precise tool.  Even veteran rifle drivers better appreciate their skills and abilities after dedicating themselves to this single day of training.  Each participant will take a detailed and comprehensive workbook home with them.  This course is approved by Missouri DPS/POST.

Course Content

  • How to select optics and make turret adjustments
  • Properly adjust eyepiece bezel and focus the reticle
  • How to judge the wind and make holds and adjustments
  • How to determine and make corrections for splash
  • Natural rifle shooting position/body adjustments
  • How to perform proper breathing and trigger control
  • Preloading the bipod, hand and thumb placement
  • Live fire skills, making adjustments and corrections

Equipment Needed

  • A quality rifle (bolt or semiauto) capable of 1 MOA at 100 yards on an 8×10 sheet of paper.  You should “proof” your rifle and know that you can strike a piece of notebook paper at 100 yards.  We will help you do the rest.
  • A bi‐pod and scope are required and a Mil Dot reticle optic is highly recommended.    Red dot only optical systems are not recommended since you will not gain the full benefit of MOA adjustment and precision.  You will be engaging targets the size of a silver dollar (and possibly smaller) at 100 yards.
  • 50 rounds of quality ammunition, proven hand loads are acceptable.
  • Pocket calculator, eye and ear protection, ball cap, hydration system, bath size towel, shooting pad or ground blanket.
  • You should have a  basic understanding of how your rifle functions and you must have a conscientious command of safety skills.  This training involves moderate physical activity and participants should be in good cardiovascular health.  The majority of drilling will take place from a grounded marksman’s position which may be in sun or shade.



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