Aerobic and Strength Ability

We offer the reasonable guidelines below for what it means to be “fit for duty” as a tactical operator and for persons who wish to participate in this training. The physical initiatives and tactical training we provide are not intended to be a “boot camp” or to make you fit for duty.  Participants should come to camp already fit so they will benefit most from the training and also serve as an asset to their team. The tactical environment is physically demanding and mentally stressful. You must be physically and mentally fit to be an effective tactical EMS operator. We offer the following guidelines so that you may evaluate yourself:

  • Travel 1 mile on foot in under 8 minutes;
  • Perform 10 straight-back push-ups in 1 minute;
  • Perform 10 bent-knee sit-ups in 1 minute;
  • Perform 3 pull-ups in 15 seconds.

[A team from our 2005 program enjoys solving a problem together in the pre-dawn light of Minnesota. We get up at 0600 for stretching, team initiatives, and to take advantage of a time when “lesser operators” are still sleeping!  When we have breakfast together at 0700, we are not “waking up,” we are already AWAKE having already successfully executed a mission together!]


Physical and Mental Preparedness

You need not be a power-lifter or a marathoner to participate, but we do ask that you exercise the highest degree of maturity and professionalism in this matter and come to class prepared. Those who are currently participating in some type of aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes 5 times weekly are likely to be well-prepared for this class.  If you are obese, inactive, chemically or nicotine dependent, or if you have a negative or defeatist mindset you should not apply to come and train with us.

Threat Assessment and Preplan: Medical and Dietary Issues

As part of your application, we will ask for you to list medications, allergies, physical injuries and special dietary needs.  It is the same 3-page form used by FEMA USAR teams. These are confidential and important pieces of information that we use in operational pre-planning just as you should with your own team. In past years, this medical information has helped advocate for participants who became ill during the week and required transport to a medical facility for additional care. This information is used only in case of emergency during our week of training and information is NOT DISCLOSED to employers or anyone outside of the Tactical EMS School’s command staff and medical director.  At the end of the week, your file will be destroyed.

All of our meals during The School are professionally catered since we believe that good food plays a part in maintaining positive morale. Meals must be a part of a thoughtful tactical pre-plan and not an accidental afterthought. If you have special dietary needs we ask for your input so that we can best provide for you.

We take nutrition and hydration seriously. Your course fee includes lodging and meals, and every day your 3 squares are prepared by a professional caterer. We discovered in 1993 that keeping the team together during mealtimes is not only a morale builder but one of the many positive attributes of our training style and curriculum that graduates appreciate.